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Slot Overview: Lucky Nuggets Megaways

Dig up some gold with Blueprint Gaming’s Lucky Nuggets Megaways slot machine online and see if you can win any prizes. Players are accompanied by a good gold miner who helps them win gold or diamond reward symbols and maybe more free spins with a multiplier. The idea is sure to delight some players while putting others to sleep, and if it reminds you of an underground version of Big Bass Bonanza, then we’re on the same page.

Lucky Nuggets Megaways will feel like home if you’ve ever played a mining-themed slot machine before, and since there are so many options, that’s probably you. Rather of muddying the waters with creative interpretations, Blueprint has chosen to keep things simple. There isn’t an animated journey through a shaft as in iSoftBet’s Gold Digger Megaways, and the mining character doesn’t have anything to say. Lucky Nuggets lacked energy and excitement, even compared to Blueprint’s prior Diamond Mine slots. This is a rather basic scene: a 6-reel grid with up to five symbols on each reel lays in a mine surrounded by lanterns, gold, and rock.

Lucky Nuggets Megaways is a medium to high volatility slot machine that can be played on any device with a wager of 10 pence to ten pounds or euros each spin. The game’s return value is 95.5%, and regular wins are chained together when matching symbols appear on neighboring reels, clockwise from the game’s leftmost reel. The maximum number of possible winning combinations is 15,625 although it might increase or decrease with each spin of the reels.

The most valued symbol only has to appear twice for a winning combination to be formed, whereas the other pay symbols need at least three to do so. Six of a kind with the gold cart pays 200 times the wager, whereas wins with the helmet, lantern, and tools only pay 50 to 100 times the wager. From there, a combination of 6 gold nuggets or diamonds pays 10 times the wager, while combinations of 10 aces pay 2.5 to 5 times the wager. Let’s take a closer look at the bonus round in Lucky Nuggets, where the game’s wild symbol—a happy Prospector—also plays another crucial function.

Slot Functions, Lucky Nuggets Megaways

Free games of 10, 15, 20, or 25 are awarded for seeing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols. Any standard pay sign can be replaced by the Prospector Scatter symbol in this case. When the Prospector lands in view at the same time as gold or diamond money symbols, he gathers them for the player, which is just as essential, if not more so. Values of the money icons vary from 2 times to 2000 times the wager.

When the Prospector scores, his points are added to a tally board above the reels. The game is improved in the following ways for every four Prospectors collected:

When a player accumulates 4 Prospectors, he receives 10 extra spins and a 2x multiplier on all cash symbols.

When a player accumulates 8 Prospectors, he receives 10 extra spins and a multiplier of 4x on all cash symbols.

When a player accumulates 12 Prospectors, he receives 15 extra spins and a 10x multiplier on all cash symbols.

And that’s not all. The Prospector also has the option of randomly activating two more modifications. The Prospector may hold all gold symbols in view and respin the reels in Gold Rush. A re-spin will occur if any new money symbols appear. When the Big Blast Bonanza feature is engaged, the Prospector tosses dynamite into the reels, turning a random number of symbols into money symbols.

Slot Review: Lucky Nuggets Megaways

You already know how crowded the mining subgenre of slot machines is. This genre is like a seam of bursting ore, teeming with possibilities. That’s wonderful since it means that keyboard miners have a lot of options, albeit the games’ similarities can become old after a while. Not necessarily in terms of gameplay, but they frequently have visual elements like a similar aesthetic, similar symbols, and a grizzled bearded prospector. Do creators just give gamers what they ask for? Perhaps, but it’s more likely than not that, once you’ve seen one Lucky Nuggets Megaway, you’ve seen them all.

When it comes to video games, the same may be said. Lucky Nuggets Megaways’ Fishin’ Frenzy collecting mechanism and Big Bass Bonanza scatter collection for extra games and money symbol multipliers are both standard features in other slots. Nothing in Lucky Nuggets is fresh, and rather, a sense of having seen it all before seeps out of every pore. It’s a perfect representation of the way Blueprint Gaming mashes together disparate elements from other games. A little from there, a modifier from here, everything to satisfy the insatiable assembly line. The end product is enjoyable enough to play for those interested in mining or collecting currency symbols, but playing Lucky Nuggets seemed more like a chore than a passion. It’s impossible to argue with the polished presentation of Lucky Nuggets Megaways; if the prospect of accumulating money symbols inspired by a mining theme appeals to you, then you should have no trouble enjoying the game.

The good news is that if you like the concept of Big Bass Bonanza Megaways but get seasick easily (or just don’t like Pragmatic slots), you may find that taking the action underground rather from floating on the surface of the water is the perfect alternative. The combination of a lackluster theme treatment and recycled gameplay in Lucky Nuggets Megaways may be off-putting to some.






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